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Six Weeks To A New Vibrant, Thinner and SEXIER you!

Hey There! My name is Natalie Marie and I am excited to share my story with you about how I lost 20 pounds in 3 months and ramped it up to lose 20 more pounds the next month. I truly believe if you really want to, with a few very simple and easy changes to your diet, you can do the same! Keep reading to learn how…

Note To Self

Dear Friend,

See that note up above?

That was my list to myself when I first began to get serious about losing weight for good. I was tired of all the yo-yo diets and had had enough of it all. None of them worked for me and if they did I would only lose about 5 to 10 pounds only to gain it right back. Not to mention I felt so hungry the whole time and would dream of eating chocolate cake again. I knew there had to be a better way to drop pounds without starving myself. I didn’t want to go hungry anymore.

I used to cry when I would go into the dressing room and try on sizes that would have fit me a year earlier only to have them be snug and give me the dreaded muffin top. YUCK!

At 5’4” tall and 160 pounds, I was on the line of going into the overweight category and had officially reached the top weight I had been when I was pregnant with my first child. I wasn’t even pregnant! But I was devouring handfuls of chocolate candy pieces, like Hershey’s Miniatures or Nuggets, within minutes, every day. I was disgusted with myself for eating it all so fast and yet still I found myself wanting more.

My waist kept growing and the numbers
on the bathroom scale slowly kept going up…

Plus, I felt lousy. It became obvious to me that pills were not the answer and fad diets didn’t work. I knew that I had to do something. But what? All the other diets I had tried (way too many to list here) didn’t reduce my cravings for junk food and I always felt like I was starving or depriving myself. And if I did lose weight it was temporary. Leaving me discouraged and depressed about who I saw in the mirror.

I knew there just had to be a better way!

And I was determined to find it. So I did what you may have tried before – I started counting calories and was sickened by the startling realization that I was eating almost 2,000 calories a day in junk food. Junk Food!

That was when I said –

I made the decision right there to find a better way to eat, not starve and still get full (I mean who likes eating “rabbit food”?) That’s when I discovered two little words that have changed my life forever…

green smoothie challenge

Green Smoothies!

Finally! Eating Real Food That Tastes Good!
(Well, actually drinking, but you get the point.)

Just days after making one small change
I experienced an amazing transformation:

  • I had more energy – I felt like a kid again! (Without having to drink those nasty energy drinks, coffee or soda)
  • I lost inches off my waist and thighs from bloating (I would later learn it was mostly just toxicity buildup)
  • All the junk food cravings stopped (then the junk food actually started tasting bad to me)
  • I lost weight (22 pounds in 3 months to be exact)
  • People started commenting on my healthy and vibrant glow (It’s not just for pregnant women anymore!)
  • Plus my skin cleared up for the first time since I hit puberty.
  • My eyes became clearer and brighter (some people said they sparkle like crystals)
  • I noticed my attitude towards life became calmer and less stressed
  • My digestion became normal. I had digestive problems after my second child but they all but disappeared!
  • Finally… My poop turned green (total unexpected side effect… LOL… but hey, it happens!)

And I believe it can happen for you too!

For years I lived off fast food only looking at a salad, knowing I should eat that instead but didn’t think it would fill me up. After I started getting healthy by drinking Green Smoothies I realized that I had been starving my body for nutrients and that’s what was making me hungry. I needed real vitamins and minerals from real, unprocessed, raw food. My body had been screaming for it!

I would drink an entire blender full of Green
Smoothie and would feel great, never guilty!

I knew I was on to something good and that I couldn’t go back to eating another Big Mac or Hershey’s’ Nugget again!

Want Proof?

Check Out My Before and After Photos!

natalie before

That was me at 160 pounds in early 2010 right at the point when I was ashamed at seeing myself in the mirror.

In just a few short months…

natalie after
 This is me now at a slim 115 pounds that I have successfully maintained since
July 2010 without any struggle. In fact, I rarely weigh myself anymore!

…And I Believe You Can Do It, Too!


Low carb.

Low fat.

High protein.

“Zone” meals.



Hormone replacement diets.

Calorie counting.

Diet pills and drinks.

and way too many more to list…

It’s enough to make your head spin and I’ve tried them all – and maybe I’d lose weight for a little while, but as soon as I went off the strict diet, I gained the weight back – and usually MORE. I ended up frustrated, fed up, and fat. The problem was, to make lasting changes in your body and health, you have to make sustainable changes in your food and mindset.

And that’s where Eat To Be Thin succeeds where other “diets” fail.

Raw Isn’t a Fad Diet — It’s a Sustainable Lifestyle!

Why Raw? It’s Simple…

  • Stop Killing Your Food.
  • Get More Energy.
  • Understand What Your Crazy Food Cravings Are Saying.
  • Reduce Your Crazy Food Cravings.
  • FINALLY Feel Sexy Again.

Let’s dig a little deeper to help you understand each of these very important points…

[colored_box color=”green”]bigarrow4 copy  Stop Killing Your Food.

When you heat your food over 118° it starts to kill the living enzymes. The energy of the food. Take a seed for example. If you heat it over 118°, it will no longer be able to grow because it’s living enzymes have been destroyed.

Heating your food over 118° also begins to break down and oxidize the oils in the foods causing dangerous free radical damage and for it to start to become toxic to our bodies. Studies have shown free radicals are the main cause of aging, wrinkles and other degrading conditions of the body.

When you eat raw, you don’t subject your body to this “rusting from the inside out” damage.

bigarrow4 copy Get More Energy!

Jumping-EnergyThe tiny and enormous difference between fresh, raw food and cooked food is the enzymes. Enzymes are the energy of the food that help break food down, making things easier to digest and helps your metabolism work easier. This means your body does a lot less work to digest the food which HELPS GIVE YOU MORE ENERGY.

When the enzymes are dead in the food, the nutrients become harder, if not nearly impossible, to get to because we have to work so hard to digest it. This causes the that sluggish feeling after you eat a big meal.

Enzymes are the life force of whole, natural, raw food. When you heat your food over 118° it kills the enzymes. We need these enzymes to help us digest our food easier and to better absorb the vitamins and minerals.

bigarrow4 copy Understand What Your Crazy Food Cravings Are Saying… 

Some of the easiest ways to tell if you have a mineral deficiency is to notice if you have any particular cravings.

If you have crazy food cravings for:

Salty Foods
Sweet Foods

Then chances are you could have a mineral deficiency.

Mineral deficiencies can also show up in many other ways, more specifically to what you are deficient in, but the craving of salty or sweet food is sometimes the easiest to detect.

bigarrow4 copy Reduce Your Crazy Food Cravings…

Minerals are vital part of our health. When we are deficient it can cause a whole host of problems and depending on the mineral that is deficient will determine what symptoms arise. The most common symptoms are certain food cravings like salty and/or sugary snacks.

Getting more minerals starts with making sure the food you get is organic. Organic foods naturally have more minerals in them because they are grown in mineral rich soils, which is absorbed by the plant as it grows.

If you crave salty foods: Eat more leafy green vegetables, high-quality sea salt and sea vegetables

If you crave sweet foods: Eat more sweet vegetables like onions, sweet potatoes, carrots and squash

Another great way is to start adding in superfood powders that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

As part of the 90 Day Eat To Be Thin program you will be shown how to start adding more of the mineral rich superfoods and much needed vegetables to your day in recipes that tastes delicious.

bigarrow4 copy FINALLY Feel Sexy Again..

Easing into a natural, lower calorie, nutrient dense lifestyle your body begins to get the nutrients it’s been craving for years and finally feels full and satisfied without all the bloating. You don’t have to keep eating everything in site![/colored_box]

With “Eat To Be Thin” you will feel good about what you are eating. Even the desserts! Best part is, the pounds begin to literally melt off for good through detoxing in a safe and natural way. Now, that feels good!

Talk about FINALLY feeling sexy again!


Want to know how it works? It’s EASY and you don’t have to make any overnight or dramatic changes (that’s why it’s called “Eat To Be Thin” and not the “Overnight Rabbit” diet)…

And Just in Case You’re Wondering… No, You
Don’t Have to “Give Up Everything” to Do This…

I just want to take a moment and be clear about what “Eat To Be Thin” and eating healthy raw foods really means. To be “raw” means that at least 70-80% of your food choices come from real, whole foods. If you eat 20 meals per week, basically 4-6 of those meals can be anything you want – just don’t go overboard and eat a whole cake or something!

Here’s an example: My boyfriend LOVES buffalo chicken wings. And even though he also loves the delicious raw buffalo “chicken” wing substitute I make for him he says “nothing really compares to the crispy, juicy taste of a real chicken wing sometimes”. And you know, if that’s how he feels, he’s right. So there is no guilt whatsoever when we go to his favorite “wing place” maybe once a month so he can enjoy a small helping of their wings (and I can have a salad)!

For the next six weeks I will be your personal mentor and coach to help YOU completely transform your health, your body, and your spirit. Through education, coaching, and a gentle, step-by-step approach, I’ll teach you to make the changes your body craves to give you the skinny, sexy, HEALTHY body you deserve!

[colored_box color=”green” width=”65%”]What you get with the Eat To Be Thin Program:

Everything you see and get is chosen based on my 3-year journey into the raw food lifestyle and many thousands of dollars of personal expense to bring you what I believe is the easiest to use “diet” program on earth to help you achieve your goals for LIFE.

star4 6 Weekly Easy to Follow Checklists ($35 VALUE).  I will break the “Going Raw” Process Down into 6 Simple Manageable Steps, just one per week to help you achieve your weight loss and healthy goals one step at a time.

star4 6 Weekly Recipes and Shopping Lists ($97 VALUE).  You Know EXACTLY What to Buy and Eat, and How to Prepare It, with videos added throughout to show you precisely how to prepare certain foods or use certain equipment the right way.

star4 Daily and Weekly Coaching Tips by email ($197 VALUE). I have coached dozens of people through this journey and will provide daily and weekly advice to help you create a lifestyle to maintain your changes without falling victim to any of the “speedbumps” along the way!

star4 Helpful Nutrition Information ($495 VALUE). You get TONS of Easy-to-Understand Information on Nutrition So You Know How to Feed Your Body – because “feeling full is not the reason you should eat, it’s to nutrify your cells from the inside out!

star4 Over 21 Green Smoothie Recipes ($21 VALUE)! The most delicious concoctions from me and previous coaching students. You don’t have to guess, just follow the recipe for a guaranteed delicious blend of nutritional goodness that is sure to satisfy!

star4 Over 25 Delicious Raw “replacement recipes” ($25 VALUE). Craving macaroni and cheese? Maybe you want some chocolate? Tempted by tiramisu? I’m giving you over 25 recipes from my personal recipe box to give you the same taste and sensations as your favorite foods so you don’t “fall off the wagon”!

star4 PRIVATE Members Only videos ($69 VALUE). I will show you new foods and products as I discover them! You will be one of the few who get to experience the “behind the scenes” raw food journey I continue every single day!


Everything in this program is designed to hold your hand and guide you step-by-step to achieve your goals. And I’m adding new stuff to the program constantly to help you enjoy the journey to a thinner, sexier you even more!

Speaking of, let’s talk about a couple of bonuses I recently added:

[colored_box color=”yellow”]Bonus #1: Custom Eat To Be Thin E-Journal!

The New Raw You Journal

The E-Journal sells separately for $47 – it’s yours FREE!

I searched for months for an electronic journal that would meet my needs and found nothing. So finally I paid a programmer to custom-design an E-Journal just for me and my Eat To Be Thin students. You will be able to track everything including: Log what your eating, what emotions you are experiencing, what exercises you do, favorite inspirational quotes, favorite recipes, research info, social situations and weight – and any other category you want to add.

Bonus #2: Facebook Support Community

Studies show the number 1 cause of failure in any diet or exercise program is “lack of support from friends or family”. Have you ever tried to cut back on certain foods, meat for example, and suddenly there’s a barbecue at your neighbor’s house and everyone is urging you to “just try one bit it won’t hurt you” and before you know it you’ve eaten 2 hamburgers, a hot dog, chips, baked beans, potatoes and one (or two) helpings of dessert?

Well, now you have a community of people supporting YOUR choices. There will only be support to help you achieve your goals. We are all in this together and with our new (but growing) community you don’t have to be alone in your journey anymore!


I know this seems like a lot of information
but I want you to imagine for a minute…

Think about all the diets you have tried and even if they worked for a short time they eventually “stopped working”. Right?

It stopped working because the human body is not supposed to “diet”. Your body is craving REAL FOOD. A fast food burger is NOT real food. (Deep down inside you already KNOW this – that’s why you feel “guilty” when you eat it.) That’s why you have cravings. That’s why no matter how many years you have spend dieting or how many thousands of dollars you have already spent on diet books, pills, lotions and potions nothing has worked before now.

When you eat whole food your body gets the nutrients it need and you look better, feel better, sleep better and you have more energy to do the things YOU want to do with your friends and family without ever needing an “energy drink” ever again!

The thing to remember is your body wants real, whole food. When you eat living food it brings life and vitality to the body.

And for a fraction of the price of the latest pill or potion I’m handing you a full, step-by-step 6-week program, meal plans, shopping lists, nutrition tips, private videos and much more that you WILL be able to follow for the rest of your life and NEVER waste money on diet junk ever again!


“We learn to do something by doing it. There is no other way.” ~John Holt

$986 Value
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Eat To Be Thin

natalie marie wheelerA Message From Natalie:

I hope you will join me on a six-week journey that will transform your life, heart, and soul — and your waistline. Here’s my promise to you: No deprivation, no hunger pains, no starving yourself. Just tried-and-true sustainable approach to giving your body the nutrients it needs so you can live your best life. Are you ready for a new life? Then sign up now and join me for “Eat To Be Thin!”


P.S. Still wondering if this can work for you? Then watch this short video and hear how Kristen transformed her life!

Kristen’s Transformation:


“…I keep consistently losing two pounds a week.
And I’m never going back!”


If a sugar-addicted, M’n’M-loving woman can do it, you can, too! Don’t let another day go by. Join us NOW for “Eat To Be Thin.” Claim the life and body you deserve!

Still Have Questions?

That’s OK, here are some frequent questions others have had before getting started…

Question: Why 6 weeks – why not 4 weeks or 8 weeks?
Answer: Eat To Be Thin is designed to be a 2-phase program, divided over 6 weeks. Phase 1 is the detox phase, and phase 2 is the transition phase. Remember, studies have shown it takes 21 days to make (or break) a habit, by following a 6 week program and slowly increasing your habits in weekly increments, you have a greater chance at lasting success.

Question: Where do I get my protein?
Answer: From plants, mainly leafy greens, nuts and seeds, which are easily digestible, leaving you feeling lighter and more energized after your meal. Dark greens have more protein by weight than most meats. Plus, contrary to popular belief, the average body can’t handle more than 24 grams of protein at any one meal anyway so you probably don’t need as much as you have been led to believe you do.

Question: Isn’t whole food or organic food more expensive?
Answer: Yes and no. It can seem like it’s a bit more expensive in the beginning, but once you start to get healthy, the cost of over the counter medications, frequent doctor visits and even things like “retail therapy” and eating out all the time are usually dramatically reduced, making it cheaper in the long run to eat healthy.

Question: What kind of blender do I need?
Answer: Pretty much any blender will work to get started. I recommend investing in a high speed blender, like a vitamix, as soon as possible, but it’s not necessary when you are just getting started.

Question: What if I have questions not answered here?
Answer: Just send me an email at and I will respond usually within 1 business day.

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