New To Raw

Welcome to The New Raw YOU!

My name is Natalie Wheeler. You can read more about me and my transformation HERE.

What is Raw you ask? 

It’s an all natural, plant based vegan diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds with nothing being heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Visit the WHAT TO EAT page for more details. It is a lot more than what it sounds like. I promise. In fact, it’s a whole new world of food that the American culture has almost forgotten about because of the over popularization of junk and fast foods.

Don’t worry though, the food does not taste like cardboard unlike most packaged health foods that do. In fact, the more raw foods you eat the more the junk food tastes like cardboard. You won’t want the junk anymore!

Why can’t the foods be heated over 115 degrees Fahrenheit?

When you heat food above 115 degrees Fahrenheit, it destroys the living enzymes and thus a significant amount of their nutritional value making it harmful to the body. Now, why would you want to do that to your food and your body? Raw, uncooked foods have all of their living enzymes and nutrition in tact. You know, all the good stuff.


How would you like to stop worrying about counting calories, fat grams, points and how every dessert (or possibly every meal) is going to make you gain 5 pounds by the next morning.



 Just stop torturing yourself!

It’s possible to not have to worry about any of this or another fad diet again. Eating the way nature intended is a concept that has been in around for centuries. In fact, it was the normal up until the industrial age.

When you eat some raw, mostly raw or all raw plus cut out all the processed junk you will naturally:

Have More Energy

Lose Weight

Have Clear Skin

Improve Digestion

Reduce Stress

Look & Feel More Beautiful

Improve Your Overall Health

Heal Your Body, Mind & Spirit

I know so many diets out there tell you that you will lose weight and have more energy, but how many of them have you been able to sick with or really work?

This is different.

This works!


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