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Transforming who you are can be a scary decision to make. When I say scary, I mean it can freeze some people on the spot. A dietary change is one of the scariest of them all. One of the most common things I hear when I tell people  that I eat a raw food diet is “Oh, I could never do that.”

If you are saying the same thing right now then let me ask you this:

Why not? I did.

I  used to love junk food and feared counting calories. However, I feared the numbers on the scale even more. After years of playing a war with numbers I had had enough. I hardly recognized myself in the mirror and I felt drained all the time. Chocolate was a fix for me (along with soda, bread, ice cream, chocolate, chocolate, and oh yeah, chocolate) but I would just beat myself up about how I shouldn’t be eating it because deep down, I knew it wasn’t good for me.

But…but…chocolate is good for you! Right? When it’s raw, YES! When it’s used as a flavoring for sugar and milk, NO WAY! Dark chocolate is better but when you cook it, it kills off all but one of the feel good chemicals. Why wouldn’t you want ALL of the feel good chemicals?

That’s how it is will ALL raw foods! You aren’t killing any of the good stuff by cooking, making it so much better for you.

Why does it matter?

Fresh, raw, living foods have living enzymes  in  them that work with your body to digest them and also floods you with more energy, instead of threatening to put you in a food coma after a large meal of cooked foods.

The most important thing for you to know when you are just starting out or just thinking about starting a raw food diet is that even though it may sound like you are just going to eat carrot and celery sticks until you can’t stand starving yourself like that anymore and run to the store screaming for twinkies, that is not even close to what the raw food lifestyle is about. It’s not about depriving yourself or never going out to eat again either. It’s about living! When your food is alive, so are you!  Weight starts to literally melt off your body, your energy increases and you begin to think clearer. You may just stare at your delicious green smoothie and wonder “What in the world is in this stuff?” (even though you know because you made it).

Sound too good to be true? I thought the same thing after years of struggling to loose even 20 pounds on all the fad diets out there. I would loose some, then just gain it right back like everyone else. My desperation brought me to discovering green smoothies. After that I lost 40 pounds within 4 months without doing anything different except changing only part of my diet for the first 3 months, then taking the 100% raw leap the last month. After feeling as great as I did eating this way, I knew I wouldn’t go back to junk ever again.

It’s a lot easier than it looks too.

I’m here to show you how to stop beating yourself up and start transforming who you are.

I have put together grocery shopping lists, menu plans, recipes, raw food product reviews, restaurant reviews (where I show you how to eat out) and articles to help you understand the changes  your body is going through.

What are you waiting for?

Are you raw yet?