Soaking Nuts Chart


 3 Tips For Eating Raw Nuts & Seeds




There is a major difference between Nuts & Seeds that are “Raw” and Nuts and Seeds that aren’t “Raw” and the difference is life and death…

 If you planted a raw almond in the ground you would get an almond tree and if you planted some raw pumpkin seeds in the ground they would grow into pumpkins, but unfortunately almost all of the nuts and seeds that are sold in stores today have been roasted, toasted, or pasteurized in order to extend their shelf life and these heating processes kill the nuts and seeds as well as cause them to lose some of their nutritional value, and to make matters worse most of them also have added salt…

 Understand that when you take something like almonds and you roast them at 350 degrees and then you dip them in salt you have taken one of the healthiest foods on the planet and reduced it to a junk food!

 A lot of people don’t realize just how much of the foods that they eat are seeds. Oats, Rice, Wheat, Corn, and Beans are all seeds, and even things like Cocoa Powder is simply ground up Cocoa Seeds. But if you took a bag of “Quaker Oats” or a box of “Uncle Ben’s Rice” or a can of “Bush’s Baked Beans” and you planted them in the ground none of it would grow into anything because they’re all dead and lifeless seeds due to all of the heating and processing that they have undergone and a lot of people out there are living on a diet made mostly out of “Dead Seeds” and other “Dead Things”. (Which is why when they switch to a diet of 100% raw and living foods they suddenly feel more “alive”.)


 * Just 1 apple seed can grow into an apple tree that will produce over 100,000 apples in it’s lifetime.

 * Time lapse photography has shown that if you leave certain seeds on the ground without burying them, over time they will slowly drill themselves into the ground.

 * Millions of the trees in America are only here because squirrels will bury nuts in the ground to eat later and sometimes they forget where they buried them. The lost ones will eventually sprout and grow into trees. (This is known as “Accidental Squirrel Gardening”.)

 * Some seeds are so tough and resilient that you could literally take a hand full of them and throw them off the top of a skyscraper to the concrete road below, then run over them with a school bus, and then sweep them up and throw them off a bridge into a river below and when they hit the water they will simply float to the next shore and sprout and grow once they get there!


 Not only will nuts and seeds that are still in their shell and that haven’t been tampered with retain more nutrients, but if you have to crack them open yourself you will be far less likely to overeat them. (Which is very important because without a doubt one of the biggest mistakes that raw foodists make when they first get into this diet is that they eat way too many nuts and seeds.)

 In the wild you would have to take the time to crack nuts and seeds open yourself but at grocery stores you can buy big bags of already shelled and ready to eat nuts and seeds and mindlessly eat them by the handfuls.

 Nuts and seeds are high in healthy fats and an ounce a day of raw nuts and seeds can be beneficial, but a pound a day is asking for trouble. The fats contained in raw nuts and seeds are far healthier than cooked fats or animal fats, but I still wouldn’t recommend eating really high amounts of them.


 Nuts and seeds contain something known as “enzyme inhibitors” and the purpose of “enzyme inhibitors” is to protect the nuts and seeds by keeping them in a hibernation state until the right conditions for life to begin present themselves. (Such as a heavy rain storm.) Soaking nuts and seeds in a bowl of water is one way of “tricking” the enzyme inhibitors into thinking that it’s time to let the seeds “wake up” and start to grow.

 Nuts and seeds are harder to digest than fruits and vegetables, but if you remove their enzyme inhibitors and turn on their life force they will be a lot easier to digest, plus soaking nuts and seeds will also raise their water content and make them bigger and more hydrating.

 I included a chart above which shows how long you need to soak the various kinds of nuts and seeds in order to remove their enzyme inhibitors. After they have soaked for their recommended times drain the water (which will look dirty due to the enzyme inhibitors that have been removed from the nuts and seeds) and then rinse the nuts and seeds well before eating.

 If you want to take this a step further you can take the soaked nuts and seeds and place them in sprouting trays until they start to sprout and grow little tails and then eat them. However, you can only do this with nuts and seeds that are truly raw, because as I mentioned above a lot of nuts and seeds sold in supermarkets are no longer living, and this is why I feel that sprouting is the most effective way to find out for sure if the nuts and seeds that you are buying are actually raw or not. (If they sprout they are definitely alive and are a living food, but if you try to sprout them and nothing happens they are dead and have most likely been exposed to some kind of high heat treatment.)

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