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Natalie Marie Wheeler

Natalie Marie Collins is a lover of food and is a Certified Raw Nutritionist and Coach. She has been living and growing in this healthy way of living since early 2010. She has a degree in Horticulture and loves art. She is passionate about weight loss and body transformations through the power of raw foods that tastes great (not like cardboard) and sharing her own inspiring story with others. Natalie is also passionate about Energy Healing and the Universal Law of Attraction. She offers many different coaching packages to help you on your journey to a better, happier, more energetic life. She is also a regular contributor to the free online magazine Super Raw Life, now available in print.

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Hello! My name is Natalie Marie and I love raw food. My journey began in 2010 when I was addicted to junk food and desperate to loose weight. I knew about all of the fad diets, tried a few, but in the end I never stuck to them. None of them felt right for me and I wasn’t into starving or depriving myself. I broke down and decided to count my calories after years of avoiding even wanting to think about that.

Obsessing over every little tiny morsel I ate and how each bite took that number on the food log higher and higher until it left me at the end of my budget and still hungry just seemed to raise anxiety levels in me that only stressed me out even more. I knew there had to be a better way. I found it through the raw food diet.

So, here I am with my sister in December 2009. (I’m on the left.) I had my son in August of 2009 and was still holding onto some of the baby weight. I was at my heaviest at this point, besides at the height of my second pregnancy. I officially weighed as much as I did when I was at full term with my first pregnancy. I was discussed with myself. And my junk food addiction.


I hated having my picture taken.

I hated looking at myself in the mirror.

I hated going shopping for new clothes.

I didn’t recognize myself anymore.

In March of 2010, I had reached a point of desperation.  Desperate to feel good about myself again. There had to be something better than counting calories for me. So, knowing from years and years of hearing that fruits and vegetables are good for you, have lower calories with a higher nutrient content, I decided to look into food I could eat other than carrot and celery sticks all day. I had heard about the raw food diet a few years before that from reading Happy Yoga by my favorite Yoga instructor, Steve Ross and from there decided to do a little research on what kind of recipes I could find. The first book I came across was the 12 Steps to Raw Food: How To End Your Dependency on Cooked Food by Victoria Boutenko. She starts the book out by describing all health issues her family had and how they overcame them by going on a raw food diet. She then talks about green smoothies. I knew right then and there I had found something worth trying. Within 2 months of drinking green smoothies for breakfast I had lost 20 pounds and naturally started to crave more yummy raw food. Strange thing was my appetite for meat, dairy, junk food and cook food in general was decreasing as my body started to detox and my taste buds changed. I didn’t like milk chocolate anymore! Strange, I know. I mean, I knew it wasn’t good for me and I always felt guilty about eating it, but to physically not like it anymore was just plain weird! In a good way of course.

At the end of May, I had come across an online group that was holding a challenge of going 100% raw for 15 days. I decided to try it since I was already up to 70% at that point. So, June 1, 2010 is my official “going raw anniversary”. I woke up on the 3rd day of the challenge wide awake and felling better than I had in years, maybe even since childhood, and decided that I just couldn’t go back to the Standard American Diet. This just felt too good! It was as if a light switch in my head had gone from negative thinking to positive thinking and my energy was amazing and stable, lasting all day and half the night. No more energy roller-coasters throughout the day. I have been obsessed and amazed with the power of raw foods ever since. This site is collection of all of the knowledge I have collected since then as well as a few (hundred!) recipes. Going raw doesn’t have to be overwhelming and confusing. If a junk food addict can like me can go raw, drop a total of 40 pounds and keep it off, SO CAN YOU!

I am here to help you transition into the new raw you.

Here is a picture of me now. Happy, healthy and loving life.

Oh, did I mention that since March 2010, I have completely changed my life and am still working on changing it more? For the better of course! I was married for 14 years and after a lot of soul searching, self realization and discovering what it means to truly love yourself, I filed for divorce, liberating myself from years of misery, healing the relationship with myself and The Universe. I have since found the man of my dreams, soulmate and true love, but only after I did a lot of inner work. And I mean a LOT. Best part is we met at a Laws of Attraction Meetup group doing our own thing. The best things show up when you are least expecting it. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I  have already helped dozens of people start to transform their lives. How may I help you?

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