Eat to Nourish Your Body, Not To Fill Space

I used to eat..a LOT. I always felt hungry and sometimes even when I was stuffed to the brim with food I still wanted to eat more. Walking, or rolling rather, out of a restaurant was a common thing for me as it is for most people. Eating till you are satisfied seems to be some distant, vague concept, especially when you have a banquet of steaming hot and tantalizing dishes in front of you. Just a sample of everything? P-a-lease!<

Truth was I felt like such a pig eating that way and although feeling full felt good (or so I thought at the time) I would always end up feeling famished several hours later. If I didn’t eat till I was stuffed and portioned out my meals I felt incredibly hungry all day long. So, I would eat to feed that hunger. This meant that my servings were twice what the recommended serving size was. My hunger felt out of control and I just couldn’t get enough. I was addicted to food.

So, when I started to count calories, my fear of not getting enough food became a realization when I discovered that I was consuming my daily calorie recommended intake all in snacks. SNACKS! I was disgusted with myself for this and knew it was time to change if I wanted to loose weight. When I started drinking green smoothies and as my taste buds started to change, I realized that I wasn’t as hungry as I used to be. The greens I had been inundating my body with were nourishing me at a cellular level.

A cellular level?

I had never experiencing this level of nutrition before. I started to not enjoy the “I’m so full I’m just going veg on the couch and go to go into a food coma for days” feeling anymore. I had more energy and actually felt the need for more value in my life. I was getting full on life and not just on food anymore.

I discovered that when you eat food that is void of nutrition (cooked, processed, etc.), your body really wants the nutrition. A giant helping of veggie and meat lasagna will still leave you with a void making you feel that even though you are stuffed you still want more. That is actually your body telling you that even though you filled it with food, you didn’t fill it with the sustaining nutrition it needs.  It still feels empty. When you give your body real, unaltered nutrition, you actually don’t need to eat as much.

Did you hear me? You. Don’t. Need. To. Eat. As. Much.

Start filling your body full of nutritionally dense raw foods and stop filling it with junk. Empty calories are just that. Empty. Shallow. Not to mention always leaving you wanting more. You deserve better than that.

Want to experiment with this idea? If you have teenage boys who seem to eat you out of house and home…try this…

They come home after school and devour what seems to be everything in sight. From potato chips to pizza to all the soda you just bought the day before.

Replace their favorites with things like green smoothies, kale chips, raw brownie balls, bananas and granola.

They may eat more in the beginning as their body adjusts to the better food but you will notice a decrease in their consumption. What their growing bodies are craving is nutrition and their bottomless pits for stomachs aren’t getting even a fraction of what they need. Giving them what they really need might actually reduce your monumental grocery bill as well.

Written by Natalie Collins
Natalie Marie Collins is a certified Raw Food Nutritionist and Brilliant Business Coach. She is passionate about how easy it is to change your body, lose weight and glow with fresh whole foods.