Exciting Changes Are Afoot!

There are some exciting changes happening around here in the background that have been brewing for a while. I’m excited to be sharing with you what’s up and coming.

You see, I started this website as The New Raw You back in 2012. I actually started my online journey as a health coach with this site and it’s always been something I’ve cherished. Even after I stopped doing the raw food diet after 2 years.

Yet, there was always this part of me that never wanted to let this go.


Well, on my raw food journey, I felt amazing. It completely changed my life in all the wonderful positive ways I could never have even imagined. It also jump started my spiritual journey.

So why did I stop?

Well, after getting a very serious upper respiratory infection, I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks that I didn’t have to lose and tried for a month to gain it back. It really freaked me out that I couldn’t gain it back so I knew I had to incorporate some cooked foods back into my diet to help my body out.

I felt there was a balance that needed to be reestablished in my system.

Since I’ve gained back all of the weight I lost while on the raw food diet, I would say I’ve done a really good job.

Maybe a little too good…

I’ve stayed on a healther path with food, still bringing in my deep knowledge and love of superfoods and such. I spent 4 years going through an amazing therapy called Network Chiropractic that also changed my life. (I’ll talk more about that soon)

During this time I’ve stepped into my role as a coach full time and have been coaching people with their online business for over 6 years now. One of the things raw foods gave me was clarity of purpose and coaching was the core. I’ve stayed true to that ever since.

I’ve also discovered some amazing sciences that have helped me not only learn more about myself, but about those around me, and even my clients.

Sciences that are not common and blend esoteric and ancient wisdom with modern sciences.

Sciences like the Elements, Human Design, and Ayurveda.

The Elements – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water have taught me how the elements show up in each person, what is their primary element expression, their natural movements, and how to dress and brand according to their element.

Human Design – The science of how we are different. It’s our energetic blueprint to how we are designed to show up and operate in the world. Who we are here to be and what we are here to be wise about.

Ayurveda – The ancient Science of Life (through the Elements) that teaches us how to tap into our body’s inner pharmacy, inner wisdom (physical and emotional health), and spiritual wellbeing.

The Elements as a whole life science is very new to me, so I invite you to explore more about this with me and how these all work together to obtain a more balanced and beautifully healthy life.

The goal is to discover how to eat, exercise, create habits, and more all around your Element and Human Design.

I’m so excited to explore this with you. If you’re excited too, let me know in the comments below.


Written by Natalie Collins
Natalie Marie Collins is a certified Raw Food Nutritionist and Brilliant Business Coach. She is passionate about how easy it is to change your body, lose weight and glow with fresh whole foods.