Need A Good Sugar And Whey Free Protein Powder? Try This!

Quick update for you on my OrangeTheory Fitness (OTF) Workout before we get into the Protein Powder review…

I’ve been diligently going to OTF since December twice a week. The improvements to my body have been wonderful. I have more muscle than I ever have and now that I’ve built up muscle, I can see areas where they are really starting to burn through the layer of fat and show through.

For example, this morning as I was running on the treadmill, I noticed the top part of my chest was really looking good and getting tone. My stomach however still needs some help.

Now, here’s the kicker…

I’ve been going to OTF for 5 months now and have only lost 2 whole pounds. I know I’m gaining muscle and burning fat in totally different ways than I ever have, but I thought I would have at least lost like 10 pounds by now.

But alas…I have not.

I also realize I’m playing the slow-and-steady-wins-the-race game and I’m ready to ramp it up.

One of my amazingly and admirably skinny friends mentioned the other day on social media that she follows the Trim Healthy Mama diet plan. I had never heard of it and, well, since she looks so damn good, I went and did some research on it.

In a nutshell the program is laid out like this:

Protein as the base of every meal and no sugar allowed.

S Meals = Savory = Protein + Fats

E Meals = Energizing = Protein + Carbohydrates

FP = Fuel Pull = Foods that are neutral like green veggies

They teach that that body is designed to burn, and needs, two kinds of energy sources – Fats and Carbs. When eaten together the body will burn carbs first and then fats. When the carbs are gone, or if there are none in your meal, the body will burn the fats.

Having protein as your base gives your body a safe blood sugar leveling environment.

With all of the different diet stuff I’ve experienced, this actually made a lot of sense to me and I decided to jump in and give it a try.

You can learn more at

So, with this as my new foundation, I set off find a protein powder that was compliant with their guidelines and also had no added sugars.

Low and behold, I found Paleo Pro.

(This contains an affiliate link. When you click on it and purchase, it will not cost you any extra money and will give me a small percentage of the sale as a way of saying “thank you”!)

This stuff is virtually all protein that is whey free, super low carb, and low fat with no sugars added – making it perfect protein base to go with any S or E Meal/Shake I decide to make.

The ingredients are: Egg White Protein, Whole Egg Protein, Beef Protein Isolate Other Ingredients (if flavored): Cocoa or Natural Flavoring, Stevia

I actually had it sitting in my Amazon shopping cart for a few weeks, but when I saw that Whole Foods had it and they also sold sample packets, I grabbed the vanilla one, a bottle of water, and proceeded to make it as soon as I walked out the doors.

The flavor instantly hooked me and I finished ordering the bag on Amazon. I don’t know how they created the vanilla flavoring, but it tastes fantastic. I can drink it straight all day long – it’s that good. No funny aftertaste and it also feels super clean.

It is unusually thin compared to other protein powders I’ve tried, which doesn’t bother me, just an observation.

Now, the feeling part is really important to me. After I went on the raw food diet for two years, my body became super sensitive to what is good for me in the moment and what isn’t. I tuned into food energetically on a whole different vibrational level.

I still have that sensitivity, and how food feels in my body is really important to me. This protein powder vibrates with goodness and feels really clean and nutritious. My cells smile every time I drink it and I feel very nourished from it, especially after a hard, grueling OTF workout.

They make a chocolate flavor as well. I haven’t tried it yet, but by the sound of the reviews on Amazon it’s worth trying, so that’s next.

However, I will note that the vanilla flavor is much more flexible with other flavors if you’re planning on making delicious Trim Healthy Mama treats like the Snickers Protein Shake. The one that Dashing Dish put together is to die for, especially using Paleo Pro’s Vanilla Protein Powder, which I totally made after my workout today and it tasted like I was cheating, even though I knew I wasn’t.


Overall, this is a great protein powder with 25 grams of protein per serving. That’s a nice, strong, clean protein foundation right there.

If you’re on the fence with trying this, I encourage you to find the single serving sample packets at Whole Foods and test it for yourself.

Also – Snickers Protein Shake – Mmmmmmmmm… Need I say more?

Written by Natalie Collins
Natalie Marie Collins is a certified Raw Food Nutritionist and Brilliant Business Coach. She is passionate about how easy it is to change your body, lose weight and glow with fresh whole foods.