The New Raw You Is Now Fit And Fresh Life!

This change has been a long time coming.

I’m excited to announce that The New Raw You is now Fit And Fresh Life!

Moving The New Raw You over to it’s new home of Fit And Fresh Life wasn’t an easy decision to make. The site has been up and running since 2012 and this type of decision changes everything.

The one thing it doesn’t change is the core message of optimal health. Raw foods are amazing and incredibly nutrient dense. Once I started on the raw food diet, my life changed and shifted dramatically because for the first time in my life I was healthy. Truly healthy from a cellular level.

I was 100% raw for 2 years.

I call it my 2 year detox.

During that time, as my body completely reset, I experienced something even greater than the tremendous weight loss and physical health…

It kickstarted my spiritual awakening.

I started to become sensitive to the vibrations around me. I started to feel the suffering in others from a deep intuitive level. I started to feel my own deeply hidden suffering and started on the quest to detox it out of my life.

I discovered that I loved myself too much to continue to allow the suffering to go on and started taking steps to massively changing my life to one that was in alignment with who I really am.

I essentially “grew some balls”.

I stopped eating raw after I caught a upper respiratory infection and I dropped 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I didn’t have 10 pounds to lose and when my knees ached from sleeping on my side because they were so boney, I panicked.

I don’t even recognize myself from that time I was so thin. I looked like a skeleton. It wasn’t good.

I tried the most fattening raw foods I could find, ate lots of avocados and nuts, and couldn’t gain the weight back.

In my panic I found solace in starting to incorporate cooked foods back into my diet to help me gain weight.

It worked.

And my health started to turn around again and for once I enjoyed having a little more meat on my bones.

Then I went a little overboard and gained most of my pre-raw weight back. Oops.

We’ll just call them happy pounds, because I had met my soulmate and was experience tremendous joy and freedom to be myself.

Then as I became a full time entrepreneur, I think some of them stuck around and became stress and sitting in front of the computer too much pounds.

This has not been a perfect process and since I no longer eat 100% raw, I felt the deep desire to align with the new direction I’ve been following and to take you along with me.

I’ve been doing deep healing work, feel amazing from the inside out, and feel the time is now to make the change in direction that not only include fresh foods, but also fitness, and new fresh perspectives on how I view holistic health to help you gain your own fresh perspectives on how to take control of your health.

I can’t wait to share more with you as time goes on!


Written by Natalie Collins
Natalie Marie Collins is a certified Raw Food Nutritionist and Brilliant Business Coach. She is passionate about how easy it is to change your body, lose weight and glow with fresh whole foods.