[PODCAST 005] Is Balance Possible?


This seemingly alluding, yet alluring way of life.

It’s something we strive for, but is it even possible?

Is it realistic?

Is it practical?

In this podcast episode, I explain what balance means to me, how the body strives for balance, and how you can start seeing for yourself how to achieve a balance that you’re happy with.

The Dosha’s balance explanations:

Vatas won’t want to have foods that will dry them out even more if they are already dry. That’s like sitting out in the heat of the desert and drinking alcohol. We all know that alcohol is dehydrating and will just make things worse. So then it makes sense for Vatas to have foods that aren’t drying and instead help to moisturize the body, like the dark meat of the chicken instead of the white meat. 

Now with Pittas, they are naturally hot, oily, sharp, and pungent in energy so they need foods that contain the opposite qualities, meaning more cool, juicy, sweet, and dry foods. These ingredients cleanse the Pitta system and counterbalance their natural characteristics like oily skin, heartburn, hyperacidity, impatience, overheating, and even ulcers. Through diet, Pitta can cool their minds, bodies so they become peaceful. 

Pittas won’t want to have spicy foods because within a few bits that spicy heat of say, a jalapeno, only adds to the digestive fire and will quickly cause heartburn or indigestion. I know, I know, Pittas, those jalapeños are delicious, but if you must have one, keep it to a minimum, like maybe one bite, because you’ll just cause your body to become irritated. Instead, try something like a bit of pineapple and mint instead. Still getting a burst of flavor without the regret of acid reflux.

Now with Kapha, they are naturally dense, heavy, oily and sweet in their energy so they need foods that contain the opposite qualities to balance them out. That means more light, stimulating, dry, bitter, astringent and pungent items. These foods restore their imbalances like lethargy, weight gain, swelling, mucus buildup, and sluggish metabolism. By balancing their diets, Kaphas can gain energy and lose weight too.

Since Kaphas tend to be more heavy and slow, having something light and stimulating will help create that balance for them. Since they have a weak digestive system, lightly cooking their veggies is best to help with the digestion process. And they need their veggies. I mean, we all do, but especially Kaphas. Since veggies are lighter in qualities, it’s best for them to have a lot of them throughout the day. This instead of cheese and ice cream, which Kaphas naturally love, but shouldn’t have because it has the same cooling and heavy qualities as they do naturally, which will create more of an imbalance in their system.

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Written by Natalie Collins
Natalie Marie Collins is a certified Raw Food Nutritionist and Brilliant Business Coach. She is passionate about how easy it is to change your body, lose weight and glow with fresh whole foods.