How To Make Raw White Chocolate

Hello Fellow Chocoholic!

One of the things I thought I would miss when getting healthier was chocolate. Then I discovered raw chocolate, especially white chocolate, and knew my tastebuds had found something much better than what can be found in a standard grocery store.

In fact, I feel my tastebuds had gone to heaven.

The best part is, there’s NO GUILTY FEELINGS when eating the healthy, more delicious raw chocolates.

So go ahead and indulge, my friend, indulge.

I think yours will too with this Raw White Chocolate recipe from

Before we get to the recipe, here’s some Raw Cacao Butter facts and benefits:

  • Cacao butter has a beautiful and tempting chocolate aroma
  • Contain vitamins
  • Contains minerals, including iron, chromium, anandamide, manganese, zinc and copper
  • Contains fiber and essential fatty acids, including a healthy dose of omega-6 fatty acids
  • Does not contain caffeine
  • Contains phenylethylamine, tryptophan and serotonin

Now for the recipe already!


1 and a quarter cups of cacao butter (melted)
1 cup of coconut flour
Half a tablespoon of vanilla bean powder
Quarter of a cup of raw honey or coconut nectar


1. Finely chop up the cacao butter. Melt over low heat on the stove in a medium sized pot.

2. Pour all the melted cacao butter into a large mixing bowl.

3. Add all the coconut flour, vanilla bean powder, and raw honey or coconut nectar and whisk together till smooth.

3. Pour into desired rubber candy molds and put into the fridge or freezer for around 2 hours or until set.

Written by Natalie Collins
Natalie Marie Collins is a certified Raw Food Nutritionist and Brilliant Business Coach. She is passionate about how easy it is to change your body, lose weight and glow with fresh whole foods.