Trying Out The Master Cleanse Recipe

Hey Love Muffin!

Today I woke up in a near panic that in 10 days I would be seeing some of my best friends at a marketing event and since moving to Atlanta, I’ve… well… gained a few pounds.

It’s not that I started eating bad foods or anything, I still eat a vegetarian and part vegan diet with lots of raw foods to maintain my weight, but truth is a while back, I wanted to gain a little weight. I just gained a tad more than my inner vanity-driven diva really wants hanging around.

And frankly, these Southerners know how to make food!

My will power had faltered and I started to eat more “normal” foods to gain a few pounds so my knees weren’t so bony and would stop hurting when I placed them together while laying on my side, sleeping. Then my body started filling out a bit more. I like the extra bit of hip action I’ve got going on now, but not the stomach stuff.

That little muffin top I’ve got going on isn’t cute.

Over the past month or so, I’ve taken action on sending that muffin top packing. I’ve been drinking fresh juices (and of course, green smoothies) every morning for a little extra help and I’m happy to say, it’s working.

My waistline is shrinking, but the scale is still holding strong.

That tells me that my body, might need a little jumpstart.

Back to this morning. When I woke up, I decided to do a salt water cleanse, which I do from time to time. After making it, I sat down with my giant glass measuring cup that I love to drink the salt water out of and did a little more research on the process.

I came across a great report that explains more in detail about how to do The Master Cleanse and I’m determined to follow it.

So, I ran to the store and got the few ingredients to start it today. Nice thing is, it’s all natural and cheap, especially compared to all those fad diets and pills. I’ll take what Mother Nature has to offer any day!

The first thing to do is to drink all 4 cups of this Salt Water Flush first thing in the morning. You’ve got to drink it all within an hour of starting it. It doesn’t seem like that big of a deal until you get down to the last cup or so, then it’s a bit more of a struggle because the water fills you up.


You will feel this working and then “the flush” happens anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour after drinking it all. You will want to be sure to stay close to a bathroom during this time because when the urge strikes, it comes up fast and strong.

After you drink that all gone, then you can start on The Master Cleanse Lemonade. This stuff is surprisingly yummy (from all that maple syrup) and helps to suppress your appetite. Do this for 10 days.

On day 1, the whole suppress your appetite thing totally worked for me on my first day until I had to eat that avocado…

..and those 3 bites of raw chocolate pudding…

…and the delicious kale chip (yes, just 1, I swear)

Other that that, it was a pretty easy day.

Here is the recipe for it.


You can make bigger batches for it, but don’t make more than a day in advance because you want it to be as fresh as possible.

I even had my husband try it. He liked it, but the spiciness from the cayenne pepper made him crave chicken wings. Since he was stuck at home doing a webinar, I kindly went and picked some up for him.

The smell from the sauce was overwhelming and I had to drive home with the windows rolled down so I wasn’t tempted to lick the sauce off before I got them home.

The moral to this story is, if you try The Master Cleanse, stay away from food with strong smells. At least on day 1 when willpower is at it’s lowest and most vulnerable.

I’ll let you know how I hold up against the world tomorrow.


Written by Natalie Collins
Natalie Marie Collins is a certified Raw Food Nutritionist and Brilliant Business Coach. She is passionate about how easy it is to change your body, lose weight and glow with fresh whole foods.