Walnut Taco Meat

This recipe is by far my favorite taco meat substitute.

It is packed full of flavor and blends beautifully with the other flavors in the taco, making it the perfect combination of taco yumminess.

You won’t miss your regular cooked meat filled tacos after trying this.

Walnut Taco Meat

2 cups soaked and dehydrated walnuts*
1 Tbsp. chopped onion
3 Tbsp. chili powder
1 tsp. cumin
1/2 tsp. oregano
1/2 tsp. pink himalayan or celtic sea salt
pinch of cheyenne
2 Tbsp. olive oil*

*If you only have time to soak your walnuts and not dehydrate them, the olive oil is not necessary.

Measure out the walnuts. I soak and dehydrate mine in advance. They will keep in an airtight container in the pantry for several months. It’s just easier this way.


Put the walnuts in the food processor and process just until it’s a chunky texture (we are going for the texture of large ground beef crumbles here). Don’t over process because walnuts can quickly turn into a paste. Good for raw brownies, not good for walnut taco meat.

Oh, and the picture. I didn’t realize the camera had focused on the S-Blade insert. My bad. You can kind of see the texture though. Right? Kind of?

I’ll do better next time.

Ground Walnuts

Next chop the onion. You don’t really have to measure. 1 Tbsp. is about 1 thin slice of onion, chopped.

slice onion

Here is what chopped onions look like. In case you didn’t know. (I just like pictures…of everything)

chopped onions

Put the onion in the food processor with the walnuts and pulse until incorporated. I didn’t take a picture of that though. Probably should have.

Next take your chili powder, cumin, oregano, and sea salt…

spices in a bowl

Add them to the walnut and onion mixture. Process until all the spices are well blended.

The mixture will look like this. Pretty much like taco meat.

walnut taco meat

If you used soaked and NOT dehydrated walnuts, you will done and it will be perfect.

If you used soaked and dehydrated walnuts it will be the right color and flavor but the mixture will be very dry and crumbly.

Like this.

walnut taco meat

To fix this, add the olive oil. Pulse the food processor until the olive oil is well blended and you will end up with this…

A perfectly moist taco meat that is FULL of flavor.

See how it clumps nicely, but not too much?

walnut taco meat

Put into a serving bowl and poof! Walnut taco meat in about 10 minutes.

walnut taco meat

There are several things you can do with this mixture. Make raw tacos, a taco salad or by itself…if you are brave enough.

I gave this recipe a 3 star rating because by itself it is really strong and a bit overpowering for me. However, mix it in with tacos and it gives just enough of that taco “meat” flavoring to make it perfect. So, by itself it’s a 3, in tacos it’s a 5. You be the judge.

If you’ve made this comment below and tell me what you would rate it at.

Written by Natalie Collins
Natalie Marie Collins is a certified Raw Food Nutritionist and Brilliant Business Coach. She is passionate about how easy it is to change your body, lose weight and glow with fresh whole foods.