Kristen Drops 4 Dress Sizes In 2 Months! With 90 Day Update!

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I was already excited about getting a shiny new Vitamix when I met Natalie at a conference. I’ve been sick my entire life, and when I found out I had Celiac disease in 2010, I slowly started changing my diet. As my body got rid of the poisonous gluten, I started gaining weight. Having never struggled with weight before in my life, the 20+ pounds I’d gained in less than two months was starting to make me look at myself in the mirror differently. Hence the Vitamix. I knew the machine would get me excited about eating healthier. It wasn’t until I met Natalie at a conference and found out she had one in her hotel room that I got super excited.

Natalie took me to a local market and we picked up some green smoothie ingredients. After we blended up the disgusting looking green goop, she told me to taste it. You should have seen my face grimace as my finger dipped in the top of the blender. I tasted my finger, tentatively, and my eyes shot open. It was soooooooooooooo GOOD! Instantly I downed a water bottle and a glass full. I couldn’t get enough!

I went shopping as soon as I got home the next day and filled my new machine with green goodness. That first week I drank over a blender full each day and detoxed like mad. This is a girl who used to eat peanut M&Ms for breakfast, lunch, and an after dinner snack. I was full of toxins.

I haven’t had a peanut M&M since October 6, 2012.

I can literally feel it when I eat something with processed sugar. In the first 60 days of eating at least one green smoothie a day, I noticed abnormal things surface. I started cleaning and organizing closets, doing dishes and laundry, playing with food in the kitchen, and in general turning into my mom. You have to understand, I outsource my household chores. I started doing my hubby’s chores because I wanted my outsides to feel as squeaky clean as my insides!

If I hadn’t had Natalie in my pocket (quite literally, I text her about 20 times a day…lol) during this transition I’d not know what to think of these changes. I don’t know why I suddenly want to eat raw cauliflower and mini carrots (I haven’t eaten a raw veggie in my entire life before green smoothies). There have been hundreds of little things surface that go way beyond food.

And yes, I’ve lost weight, too. I went from a size 16 (barely squeezed into those clothes) to being able to button the size 10 jeans I haven’t been able to pull on for almost a year. While losing the weight is nice (remember, I’ve never been “heavy” in my life), nothing compares to how good I feel. I can’t even stand going down the candy aisle at the grocery anymore. I couldn’t figure out why people would choose to eat these healthy foods. Now I know. And now I do eat anything I want, when I want. In fact, per Natalie’s suggestion I made some raw caramel-filled chocolates and ate them all in a few days… yeah, they were that good. And I lost two pounds and almost two more inches in those days.

Heck, if I can eat like that and be a stable weight, look amazing, and have massive amounts of energy that I hardly know how to handle, I’ll take it! The best part of this journey is still before me. As of writing this, I’m only two months into it. And I’ll never look back.

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After 90 days, Kristen has transformed her diet and a body by eating up to 75% fresh foods each day, starting with her green smoothie for breakfast and has dropped a total of

23 pounds

Has gone from a size 14/16 to a size 8/10

In ONLY 90 days!

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Kristen at 90 days

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Written by Natalie Collins
Natalie Marie Collins is a certified Raw Food Nutritionist and Brilliant Business Coach. She is passionate about how easy it is to change your body, lose weight and glow with fresh whole foods.